Step 1:

You try to find out what would you like…It’s easier for you and for us as well if you have an inspiration photo so we can
choose your colours much easier! Our cotton colour chart has 85 colours. When you are the next in our form, we will get in touch with you to
start the collation. What you prefer when we will do your warp? How you want us to make? With short or long colour transition?
Tabby, striped, streaky, rhythmical, etc…? If you have a photo these questions are not questions anymore, so we will finish quicker.
It’s really important that we don’t want to decide anything instead of you, so everything is your choice! Naturally if you ask anything
we will answer! We will ask you how would you use the wrap, how big is your baby because it will be really important when we will choose
your pattern!


Step 2:

Your weft colour! At the very end the most important thing will be your wrap’s harmony, so this is a really important decision as well.
You want warm mood, cold mood, lacy, girly? We have lot of possibilities. We will help you with this as well, you won’t be alone!

Step 3:

We will order the yarns. It’s our responsibility but only until this step we could change your choosen colours… 😀

Step 4:

We will do your warp! This is a long procedure, approximately 3 days. During this time you have to choose your pattern.
We have an album for this and you can find lot on the internet too. It’s almost harder to choose your pattern than choose the yarns because
it’s a lot and lot of possibilities. But here we will help too!!!

Step 5:

Weaving, it’s our job…When we start we will show you of course, to be sure that this is the wrap you dreamed about.
When you choose your pattern is really hard to change the thread on the loom so you have to be pretty sure about your choise.

Step 6:

Washing, sewing. We are sending your wrap washed and ironed.

Step 7:

Posting. We are working with GLS, it’s important you can track your package, they are quick and safe, that’s why we choose them.
Of course you can choose something else, but please let’s discuss with us first!

Step 8: BE HAPPY! 😀