about us

A little history:

Elf's were mythical creatures. Originally they've been fertility gods, they've been portrayed as little but beautiful young men and women who lived in forests, under the ground or wells and creeks. They've been immortal and they've had magical power. Word 'alf' from the ancient North meant men or women with long hair and pointed ears. They've pictured them as beautiful human beings who are friendly but shy in the same time, with long roe ears, big round, bright eyes.

And who we are?

A weaving workshop, where hopefully we will make magical, beautiful, immortal wraps with some powder of dreams.
The Elf wraps are all made by hand.
Handwoven carrying wraps are the best between all the carrying methots.
This weaving technic gives perfect sustainment for your baby during you are carrying. We are working with only twill
and diamond variations, canvas weaving is not suitable and is not enough safe to wave a baby carrying wrap so we are not
using this technic in our workshop no matter how quick and easy would be. We are using mercerised 100% bio cotton which
is not giving any poison if it’s touching the skin because of its high quality.
Why we are different from the other handwoven workshops?
Because you will create these limited wraps by yourself. You will choose your colours, thread and pattern! You are the
customer, you are the boss!
The warp will give you the wrap’s longitudinal pattern. With our own warp machine we will make your own design. You will
choose your colours from our sample card, you will tell us the order how would you like and you can also choose the thread.
That’s why your wrap will be unique and unrepeatable with colour codes which will give you the chance to order from us

Our workshop has 3 of us at the moment.

I'm Mona, 45 years old, I have 4 children and I've met with carrying wraps 7 years ago since that time wraps and carrying are in my everyday life. My big dream was to find a handwoven wrap with my needs but unfortunately I couldn't find it. So an idea came to my mind, why not to try to make one by myself. Handcraft things were always in my life so it was easy to decide what I want to do in the future. That's how Elf Weaving Workshop has created.

I’m Tamara, 30 years old, Mona’s sister-in-law. Mona helped me to know about carrying and also about wraps. Later she started Elf Weaving
Workshop and I was always next to her try to help her with everything. Then at the end I found myself to work with her on the looms as well.

I’m Vivien, 22 years old, Mona’s sons fiancé. I was watching Mona all the time and I was amazed what she created and I wanted to try myself
as well. At the moment I’m making scarfs and I’m working with the team everyday.